Janus Doorway.  2007-08.  
Dimensions variable.
Alarm clocks, mirrors, wish bones, spray paint, watercolor paint, audio.
Installed at the Wave Hill House in Wave Hill, Bronx, NY.

This site-specific piece, installed in the foyer of the Wave Hill House, referenced the two-faced Roman god of time, who looks simultaneously at both past and future.  The installation included 84 alarm clocks and 172 wishbones, detailing architectural elements of the historic space.  Foregrounding visitors’ actions of arriving and leaving, the piece emphasized the doorway as a liminal place of transition.  An audio component explored traditions and rituals marking the cyclical passage of time, referencing resolutions, wishes, and memories.  By making viewers aware of their movements “coming” and “going” through the foyer, the installation encouraged them to become more aware of their movement through time.